Earth's First Mintable Condom

Not everyone is born g00dSo get your g00dom now for $g00d.

Get g00dom for plenty $g00d

Unlock 1x g00dom to receive $g00d airstreams from the debut pool (15%), g00d points, g00d passport, and get 9x g00doms to receive 9x mintable condoms, $g00d lootboxes, g00d generative arts, and g00d Web3 domains.

First omnichain phygital condom

g00dom offers a delectable menu of twelve on-chain flavors, including Solana, BNB, Avalanche, Polygon, Optimism, Arbitrum, zkSync Era, Linea, Scroll, Mantle, Base, and Manta Pacific. Indulge in your pleasures!

It's not about sex but g00d phygitals

Phygital NFT

Tear to Mint, RE:VIEW QR Code, ERC-6672, Smart Tags (NFC Chips). 

Free g00dom

For each 9x g00dom, redeem 9x mintable condoms + delivery.

Social Impact

Each g00dom generates 3x physical condoms for South Africa (highest HIV/AIDS)

Next Generation

Vegan latex, Antimicrobial, Far-infrared, Ultra-thin, Graphene condom.

Foster g00dness across Web3 with g00dom

Not everyone is born g00d. So get your g00dom now.

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